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Territorial Planning - Apuseni natural Park

Project name/ Territorial Planning - Apuseni natural Park


project location/ Tara Motilor region,  Alba county 

project type/ Territorial Planning

size/ Albac, Gârda de Sus, Arieșeni, Horea, Scărișoara communes

year/ 2011-2012

client/ Alba County Council

offices/ Urban Synapse, Capitel Proiect



Winner of the National Architecture Bucharest Biennale, 2012, 10th edition, 

Spatial Planning Section

The sustainable development of the local communities, in terms of EU integration, means the efficient use of natural and cultural resources, through the growth of the local economy and tourism, while preserving the natural environment.

The purpose of this Territorial Plan along with the Illustrated Guide, is putting together a work platform for the Alba County Council, the local councils and the Park Administration, and creating a tool that is necessary for the coordinated management and development of this protected natural area and its cultural heritage.

This document is in fact a platform for cooperation and teamwork, which must be used by local administrations, planners or architects who create and implement projects in this area, the Park management team, and the interested investors, in order to coordinate multi - sectorial investments. 


Its purpose is to generate economic growth and stability, and to increase local living standards.

By correlating the current situation analysis with the proposals which address different types of problems, this Plan provides the working tools necessary for different types of activities, such as design, conservation, local and regional management, and socio - economic activities in general. This document is also a useful strategic instrument which can be used for the development and preparation of projects needed by the county and local administrations in order to access EU structural funds.

The strategic and regulatory character of this Plan will promote a high quality of life, by protecting the natural and built environment and valuable natural and cultural landscape.



In the future, this Park will become a national and international attraction, having outstanding natural and anthropic features, where the protection and integrated sustainable management result in a well - preserved biodiversity, which is promoted without being affected.

The main goal is for the human activity to generate quality tourism and services, while integrating nature and architecture in the process. These activities will be supported by a sustainable use of local resources and a complete and functional transport and public utility system, all of them tailored for  specific and local needs.

Local communities have a vital role in the evolution of the Park, in that they maintain traditions and cultural heritage elements, they are directly involved in the conservation of the landscape (natural and anthropic). Also, they offer quality services through the help of participatory actions, hence increasing tourist attraction, while having a minimal impact on the environment.

Thus, the vision is based on the tight relationship between the environment, communities, economy and  knowledge. These elements are essential for the future progress of the Park, and the links between them define the way this progress will happen. By working together, these elements will preserve and emphasize the features that make this Park an exceptional place.




PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
PATZ Parcul Natural Apuseni
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