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urban planning office


The elaboration of urban and territorial planning studies and documentations is Urban Synapse's main field of expertise. We are open for collaborations with other firms or public institutions.


Our main activity is urban planning, from large scale projects (spatial planning and strategies) to small scale projects (urban squares, gardens), with a basis on the 350/2001 Law regarding Urban Planning and Territorial Planning. We also have experience in interior design, landscape design, architectural and urban heritage studies.

This activity is a result of thorough urban planning studies followed at the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning of Bucharest, of the participation in multiple workshops and competitions, and also of the experience we achieved while working at an urban planning firm for 7 years. 

Our experience also includes architectural studies, mostly in rural heritage areas, studies which consist in promoting vernacular architecture in order to conserve and rehabilitate old houses and villages in remote territories.

Our goal is to improve the quality of design in the above mentioned activities, considering the fact that Romania's level of development in these activities is at an early stage. We want our projects to be a part of the evolution process of planning and design.

Designing unique but also realistic projects is a constant challenge for us, and the study of specific requirements for each project results in a complex planning process that evolves along with its ever changing characteristics.

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