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General Urban Plan - Sîncel commune, Alba county

According to the medium term development strategy for the commune of Sîncel, the main objective is its sustainable development, by using the economical and human resources and potential that it has, with the purpose of ensuring prosperity and the rising of the living standards for the inhabitants.

The development of the villages will be a natural one, insite the existing village limits, with some expansion of these limits (see the Existing and Proposed Situation – drawn maps) alongside the main roads.  For an even more eficient land use, we propose the densification of the residential areas, that will be made on the currently empty lots or the  lots used for gardening/agriculture.

The urban regulations for the villages within the commune have taken into account the functional organization and the limited expansion for the village limits where there is no elevated interest. These expansions have been proposed in the areas where there is a high potential for development, taking into consideration the both the natural and socio-economic environment. The road system and accessibility have had a major role in identifying the new development areas.

These new proposals are meant to increase the living standards for the community, but they also emphasize the administration's duty of attracting new investors in the area, and incuraging  the local comunity to build up their own businesses.


The evolution of this commune is tightly related to it’s current functional profile, being the proper setting for the development of agricultural and agritourism projects.

Also, in the hilly area of the commune, there is a lake that could be the starting point for the layout of a new tourist and recreation zone. However, the possible investments in this area must take into account the surrounding natural environment and have a low impact on it. 

Project name/ General Urban Plan - Sîncel commune


project location/ Sîncel commune, Alba county

project type/ General Urban Plan

size/ 50950 ha

year/ 2013

client/ Sîncel commune Administration

offices/ Urban Synapse, Capitel Proiect

Plan de incadrare
UTR Sîncel
Gospodărie tradiționala Sîncel
Gospodărie tradiționala Sîncel
Gospodărie tradiționala Sîncel
Gospodărie tradiționala Sîncel
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