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General Urban Plan - Anina city, Caraș-Sevrin county

The General Urban Plan of Anina city has the main objective of preserving and promoting the natural and built heritage present on the city’s territory. 

The functional conversion of certain areas and the revitalisation of the city through the promotion of touristic activities is the Plan’s general development baseline. 


The derelict industrial heritage present in this city can represent the starting point for a future development that includes cultural and touristic activities. The publication Anina Mine of Ideas, which was a result of the 2014 interdisciplinary workshop, illustrates some of the possible developments.


The geographical position of Anina has created a unique landscape, because of the spectacular natural environment around Anina.

The development potential for tourism, culture and leisure activities in this area is great, that is why our plan underlines the main actions that are necessary for this development to happen.

Through the conservation and promotion of the industrial and natural heritage it is possible for this city to shift it’s functional character from a post industrial unattractive city to a natural and cultural tourist hub.

The multiple listed architectural monuments and two National Parks have a main role in converting this city’s activities towards a more sustainable and attractive settlement.


Project name/ General Urban Plan - Anina city


project location/ Anina city, Caras-Severin county

project type/ General Urban Plan

size/ 14634 ha

year/ 2013

client/ Anina city Administration

offices/ Urban Synapse, Capitel Proiect

Incadrare in teritoriu Anina
Reglementari urbanistice
Situatia existenta
Monumente si zone protejat
Puțul nr. 1 Anina
Ansamblul Puțul nr. 1 Anina
Centrala electrică Anina
Camera Motoarelor Puțul nr. 1
Turnul Puțului 1 Anina
Tutnul Puțului 2 Anina
Turnul Puțului 2 Anina
Sala Puțului 1 Anina
Viaduct Calea ferată Anina-Oravița
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